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    A Photo-Tour                                

                                                         (click on a picture for a larger image)

    Exterior view1                                                                      Exterior view 2



Detailed view of the bowsprit                                                  Cabin window



Handle for manual bilge pump on port side                        Pump-out connection for Porti



Cabin view, port side, showing space for storage                 Cabin port side, looking out
and stove



Cabin starboard side, showing porta-porti, storage,                Cabin view showing V-berth
 also visible is the red main-switch for battery banks


 Ataraxia is a perfectly trailerable boat, seen here                    Another dockside view
   being launched on a gravel beach



 She floats off on 2 feet of water                                        View of Ataraxia on trailer



The trailer is practically new                                                Getting rigged. The inboard auxiliary electric motor
                                                                                            is visible here.


                                                                On a reach under light winds                                                   


Wide-angle view, running wing-on-wing


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