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Georgian Bay Sailing - Day 4 (cont'd)

For the rest of the day, we sailed and explored around the area. At the main channels shoals are well marked, but for sailing around by necessity one strays from the marked waterway, extra caution is required. At the water near Sandpiper campground at the south side of Beausoleil, we watched a 26 feet cruiser trying to take a short cut at less than 20 feet from us. The boat was stopped with a gut-wrenching, loud grinding noise. Its motor was not damaged but the hull was now riding on a submerged shoal. It took the owner 15 minutes to free his boat by pushing the beam with his Zodiac and rocking the boat side-to-side.

This stretch of water is also supposed to be a great fishing area with plenty of pike, perch and bass. Under the jib only the Hen sails at perfect trolling speed:

However I have never been much of a fisherman, and the warm sun, light wind and gently gurgling waves just made it too relaxing to do any serious fishing. We didnít catch anything longer than the worm on the hook.

The next several days we had the entire weathermanís recipe - showers, strong wind, no wind, sun. We sailed and explored the trails on the island. We saw several water snakes, a Huron, loons, a woodpecker, a hawk, two Gartner snakes (actually they saw us first, and proceeded to quickly leave the trail), and a great variety of trees and plants. Despite the cold weather, it was a completely enjoyable trip. We look forward to visiting the park again during the fall, when the summer storms are replaced by more constant autumn breezes, and the areaís hardwood forests are at their colorful heights.

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