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Algonguin Trip  Day 2

On this warm September morning, wind continued from the South at about 10 knots and we were ready for a full day of sailing and exploring. We thought the East Arm might be more sheltered from the wind and decided to spend this first day exploring this part of Opeongo. To be on the safe side, John and Greg reefed down one notch. This wind was ideal for the heavier Marsh Hen so I started out with full sail. The sky was cloudy at first but quickly cleared out. It was perfect sailing weather.

John & Peter Sailing


Two Boats Wing-on-wing


Greg and Peter Reaching


Greg on his Biscayne Bay 14, custom-built by himself


Greg Sailing, in Building Waves


Boats Beached at Picnic Site



It took about two hours to reach the part in the East Arm with sandy beaches for landing our boats (see Map). There is no shortage of islands and cloves to explore; one could spend days in this part of the lake alone. We brought along a set of walkie-talkie which has a range of 2 miles, and they were great for boat-to-boat discussions. After a 3-course lunch (sandwich, hot soup and fruits), it was about 1:30PM and we were ready to start on the return trip to our camp site. Wind had strengthened to 15 knots and remained to be from the South and South-West, so we were facing a challenging beat to the wind for what we estimated to be at least a three hour sail.

Returning Under Rough Weather