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Tennis at Naples by Hazel Ho

The trip to Florida was full of anticipation, mostly because I was looking forward to getting away from our -15C weather here in Waterloo. I may as well add that the fact that I would not have to be in school for another two weeks fill me with joy.
When we first arrived in Naples, everything was up to my expectations: pool, tennis, nice resort…shopping…The weather was great for the first couple of days, about 26C and we were having a ball exploring this new town. Tin City, The Village (where we couldn’t even afford their discarded garbage) and the long stretch of beaches which surrounded the city.

The reason why we picked ‘The World Tennis Resort’ was well, obviously, reaquaint with our tennis skills, which by the way, were VERY rusty (if you ask anybody they’ll deny it so don’t even bother). One of the highlights of this trip was seeing klutzy Vanessa beat the crap out of my parents. When wlil they ever learn? YOU CAN’T RETURN HER VOLLIES! We beat our parents almost every single time…actually, I don’t recall one time where we lost a set! I don’t know if our winnings had to do with our ability to nail every shot, or my dad’s inability to return any. (just joking dad) Victoria is improving, slowly, but surely. Pretty soon, she maybe able to play just as well as the master, ME!

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