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Making a Splash at Naples! by Vanessa Ho

When we first arrived to Naples, one of the first things we did was visit the ocean beach. It was a beautiful, sunny day, and the water was shimmering and calm. Gulls and pelicans were flying overhead, often diving headfirst into the water in search of fish and food. Children were happily splashing in the water, and in the distance, the horizon was dotted with sailboats and windsurfers. The three of us, my two sisters and I, scoured the beach for beautiful and unique seashells to bring home.

Several days later, rain began to fall and the wind was blowing wildly outside the condo. When the downpour stopped, our family once again went to visit the beach. However, this time, the moment we stepped out of our car, we could hear massive waves pounding the shore. Our entire family hurried from the parking lot and ran to see what was happening. The scene we saw was awesome, entirely different from before; there were furious waves over fifteen feet in height roaring and thundering, making the water boil with foam. There was no one swimming today.

Strong winds were still blowing, gusting to over 20 knots. The birds that soared so gracefully the day before were basically flying at a standstill, unable to push through the wind. At the pier, a crowd of people had gathered to watch the waves cresting and falling, over and over again. The wooden pier stood a good fifty feet over the water, but there were times when the waves hit the supports with such force that flecks of foam splashed above the guardrail! My sisters and I waited with anticipation for these rare monster waves, and when they hit, I could taste the salty water on the tip of my tongue.
It was definitely one of the most memorable days during our trip to Florida.

By Vanessa ho

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