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Crocodiles & Pigs!! by Victoria Ho

Here in the Everglades, we saw lots of animals! There were plenty of alligators for everyone to see, but there was one that stood out a little bit. His name was One-Eyed Willy because he had lost his left eye in a fight with another ‘gator. Willy is so lazy; he doesn’t seem to even notice the marsh-mellows being thrown at him by the guide. Later on though, we realise that not all alligators are this lazy. We are told that the tour guide was once attacked by on of these creatures a few years ago, and just escaped! There are lots of greenery and all sorts of birds. There are orange-bellied turtles, fish, and snakes…. Soon, we meet the wild pigs. They are very cute. They all shove each other over, trying to get fed near the tram. When we get back, I look around their store. They are selling alligator heads and paws. Gross!

After that ride, we take a trip on an airboat. It’s really noisy so we have earmuffs to keep most of the sound out. The first animal we see is a teeny-weeny little racoon. He seems to be waving at us as he eats behind the tree branches. As we zoom off to another area, we pass by lots of thick bushes and pelicans. We go so fast, its almost hard to breathe!

We see a couple wild pigs on the land, and 2 ostriches. They all are eating. There’s even another racoon poking its head out of the ostriches’ feeding bucket! We pass through a very scenic area where there are lots trees hanging over the river. There aren’t any animals here, but it is very nice to look at. The trip is one hour long, but it passes by very quickly!

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