Opeongo Lake





Sailing-Camping Trip at Opeongo Lake, Algonguin Park
 Sept. 7-10, 2001

Three members of the Conestoga Sailing Club went on a sailing-camping trip to Algonquin Park in Ontario. Opeongo Lake is the largest lake in Algonguin and is an excellent area for wilderness camping and canoeing. With  fairly large bodies of water, varying wind conditions and shorelines, Opeongo Lake is also ideal for sailing and gunk-holing. Three sail boats participated in a 4-day sailing-camping trip to this pristine reserve of unspoiled natural beauty: John Molson's CL-16, Greg Bauer's custom wooden Biscayne Bay 14, and my 17 ft Marsh Hen. 


Each square grid of this Topo map represents 1 km. The Lake is comprised of the South Arm, East Arm and North Arm. During the entire 4-day trip we had plenty of wind and enjoyed exciting sailing expeditions every day. Read on!

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3