Lifting onto the Trailer








                                                                                                    Oct. 2006



 In the Fall of 2006, Three Rivers was completed and ready to be taken out of the garage, to make room for the spars that were to be built next. She needed to be lift up from her strong-back and then put onto her custom trailer.

I have no idea how the other Chebacco's managed to be lifted up (probably lots of strong bodies?), but the safe way is to build a sturdy frame to temporarily lift and hold the 1200 lb boat, remove the strong-back, and then slide in the trailer.

Lots of friends were invited over for this special occasion.

Three-Rivers was guided out of the garage. With the door trims removed, she cleared the opening by about 1 inch.


Building the lifting frame.


The frame is ready, now cranking her up - with lots of protection for the new paint.


Surprisingly, the whole contraption worked, and cranking the boat up with the strap-latches was easily done. Note the boat now has no support underneath.


Now pushing the trailer in.


Making sure everything is aligned, and that the boat is properly balanced on the trailer.


Everyone agrees that it looks right....


Group picture for the whole gang


The Admirals


Now reversing the process - taking apart the lift-frame.


All done!!


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