Rolling Over the Hull







                                                                                                    September 2005

 Almost 18 months after I ordered the Chebacco plan from PCB, and one year after I cut the first piece of marine plywood, my lapstrake hull is finally finished and turned over. The hull was completed in June, and then sanding, fairing, epoxying, painting…took the whole summer. The unusual tropical heat we had this summer in Ontario didn’t help. Here are some pictures.


 The big moment! The turn-over crew is preparing to get the hull out from the garage. The widest part is about 1” wider than the garage, so the whole setup needs to be tilted first.




The hull is built on a strong-back with casters, so it rolls around easily.




With six guys it was surprisingly easy to lift it up by 90 degrees. The safety rope prevents it from accidentally rolling over all the way. The frame and temporary molds are still solidly attached to the hull to provide rigidity.


Roll-over complete, the hull is sitting on nice soft grass. Now the frame is being taken off….



And the hull lifted up and put back on the frame, right side up!



And pushed back into the garage.



And ready for the interior work. Now the fun begins!!


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